The experiences from 20 years building of yachts flowed into our new Helmsman-Yachts and we are very proud and lucky to see confirmed after first longer exits with the new Carrera 49 that this ship became a large throw in each relationship. The concept of the a hand fitness, the sail characteristics, the beautiful Design, as well as the high quality were already confirmed after short time with very hard weather conditions fully and worked satisfactorily.

Testers spoke even of "sails in another dimension".

This is however no coincidence, but the wages for months-long penieble and planning detail-fallen in love between technical designer and Helmsman yacht-thrown to the perfect conversion by boat farmer, which both by high being able and by Entusiasmus and love for the work the best from each ship to make and. In order to maintain high kind of quality condition over years permanently, daily quality control is also a substantial component of the throwing work.

Helmsman-Yachts Jan Schümann - Mirowerring 12, 24787 Fockbeck, Germany (D)
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Photos of yacht-threw /09
Ours yacht-threw more..

More again on-line ones appearance /05
We provided for you a new web page in the InterNet, in order to you a still better overview of the modern enterprise Helmsman-Yachts offer to be able.

New pictures of the Carrera49/05
Our Carrera49 on the boat fair. more..