Helmsman yacht-threw to GmbH in Flensburg busily at present 6 coworkers, who can be supplemented order conditionally however personnel-moderately at any time.

Acting majority partner is January Schuemann

Beside repair orders and winter camp service, the core business lies in the new building of the internal yachts in rank 46,-49,-56,-61 foot. With individual customer's requests to deal yacht-thrown tried at any time, "gibts to 14 monatiger construction period the build number 1 Helmsman Carrera 49 does not go to nicht".Nachdem in March 2002 was finished, stands for 2 new buildings of this type before the conclusion. In September 2002 will then 50 foot a large sail yacht from aluminum into ours threw to the completion in spring 2004 to come Zusaetzlich is the building by larger Segelyachten(One off) within the high technology range as soon as possible into the reality to be converted.

Those threw is also in the situation of aluminum ships starting from 44 foot after customer's request to be built.

Here some pictures:


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