Carrera 49 Flushdeck with Decksalon
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Idea und Interiordesign: Jan Schümann
Manufacturer: Dieter Blank - Yachtsdesign.


In the performance of the new Carrera 49 Helmsman-Yachts endeavor very much realizing mostly all options of safe, fast and also comfortable sailing.

This yacht is honored because of light handling, best sailquality, fast speed, stability and safety.

The usage of considered details allows the owner to lead the yacht safely and simply at the steering-pedestals, alone or with more hands. For this use there can be set a selftackling jib instead of the genoa. All halyards, tack tackles and sheets are lead into the cockpit and can be serviced from the steering-pedestals. In that way also the winches are located. To have respect for a " too large yacht " concerning the Carrera 49 is unsubstantially. The same as with all others Helmsman yachts.

Helmsman yachts on the whole are performanced to individual wishes of the customers, as far as possible.

First criterion for Helmsman-Yachts is quality. Quality, not quantity, is the credo. Because of that Helmsman yachts are very stable in value.

Also concerning the performance beneath deck the customer is able to realise own wishes, as far as posssible.

We offer diverse keel-versions, also a liftkeel-version. By means of that the yachts easyly can be adapted to the different sailing usages.

The new Carrera 49 also is perfect for racing. She has excellently sailqualities and light handling at all courses to the wind. All important trim opportunities, adjusters, tack tackles a.s.o. are available. During the time of planning of the "49er" Helmsman-Yachts took care for making applicative every hidden spaces for storage.

On deck there are 4 lockers. These offer a lot of space for fenders, lines a.s.o.. Near to the steering-pedestals are located 3 more 60 - 100 cm deep lockers for storage of :
liferaft, rubber-dinghi, sails, dynamo, watermaker a.s.o..

Helmsman-Yachts will not be neagtive influenced by serial-production, instead of that individual cutomer wishes can be realized, as far as possible. Although we can offer this yachts at very interesting prices. For customers, who dislike the relative open sternarea, we can offer a second conventional, closed version with any mor storage lockers.

All Carrera- models are made with Epoxy-FRP, with inner foam layers, reinforced by dual-directional glassmats. This performance is rather costly, but in this way higher solidity at lower weight can be achieved.

All Helmsman yachts are built in accordance to the guidelines of Germanischer Lloyd. The rudder bearings are made with high quality glidebearings, fixed to the hull.

Helmsman yachts are exclusively equipped with high quality products of famous manufacturers.


Nanni 5-cyl. Diesel, 64 HP, folding propeller (Gori), a very silent new engine by Nanni.
Deck equipment:

twin-wheel steering each with one compass (Jefa)
teakdeck in cockpit and on bathing platform
bow- and sternpulpits. Bow fitting with bearing for anchor. Railing.
6 chocks, positionlights
2 Andersen genoawinches size 58
2 Andersen main-/spinnakerwinches size 58
2 Andersen halyardwinches size 52
8 Easylock Maxi servo stoppers, 4 blocks for sheets
3 winch cranks
8 flat hatches and portlights by Lewmar
trackage for selftailing jib by Lewmar
traveller trackage by Lewmar
numerous leads, blocks and smaller deckfittings

elect. ankerwinch 1500 W with 30m chain and 20 kg Bruceanchor

7/8 rigged 3-spreader-rig by Nordic Discontinued Rodrig, Rodforestay, Rodbackstay
complete positionlights.
Navtec backstay adjuster
all halyards, tack tackles, lines and sheets (Spectra) are lead to the the steering pedestals
Tank capacities:

tank capacity water 400 ltr. with inlet on deck. level indicator.
tank capacity fuel 200 ltr. with inlet on deck. level indicator.
50 ltr. waterboiler
septic tank
Electrical System:

12 Volt system, switcherpanel with power switches, 2 mainswitchers
controldisplays for all electr. consumers
shorepower 220 Volt, richly lamps beneath deck
3 x 100 AH servicebatteries
1 x 88 AH starterbatterie
automatic batteriecharger 50 A "Leab"
3 electr. bilgepumps

Also concerning the interiour Helmsman-Yachts takes care, that at constant ore higher solidity relative light materials are used. The bearing and supporting bulkheads and furnitures are made in multilayer-performance. Also here are exclusively used selected and valuable materials. The decksaloon area is large, friendly and bright. It offers a very good sight to the outside and the feeling of "sitting in a cellar" will not occur.

Beneath Deck:

3 -flamed stove with oven, many lockers, space for storage, 2 circle sinks (stainless steel), separate refrigerator, 170 ltr. coolbox with isotherm-element, countertop made in Korean or Granitesandwich.

The toilettes are a.o. equipped with washbasin-systems in Korean or Granitesandwich with cold and war water. The bathroom in the foremost section (ownercabin) includes a separate shower, but the other sanitary area also offers the opportunity to shower. A central septic tank also is includet in the serial-equipment.

The cabins are very large designed and offer a lot of comfort, many lockers and space for storages. This allows very comfortable long distance sailing and a comfortable living on bord.

The Carrera 49 offers cruiser/racer qualities, fast speed and high stability.

The yacht is offered by standard in a 3-cabin-version.